The ECO SWISS association is committed to economic environmental protection, occupational safety and occupational health protection. In doing so, the association pursues the claim that environmental protection and innovations in environmental protection must be sustainable. We focus on practicality, proportionality, feasibility, impact and costs.
In the field of environmental protection, the areas relevant to industry are important to ECO SWISS, in particular

  • Air and water
  • waste
  • climate
  • energy
  • Chemicals
  • Incidents

In order to promote these topics, the association operates three specialist centres, namely «Environmental Protection», «Air Hygiene Emission Measurements» and «Large Tank Storage Facilities».

Occupational safety and health protection are important issues for trade and industry. To this end, the association maintains the «Occupational Safety and Health Protection» specialist unit, which promotes these topics, particularly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, laboratory, paints and varnishes and waste disposal sectors. The aim is to reduce occupational accidents, occupational illnesses, work-related health problems and near misses.